New Website!

Yes! Welcome to the new virtual home of Midnight Muse. I am so happy to have switched over. Now that looking at the website doesn’t make me want to cry, we will be making more posts here and not just on our Facebook. It’s still far from perfect, but until we can afford a domain and host of our own then I think this is just perfect!

A couple things:

  • Did you hear? We’ve LAUNCHED! Midnight Muse made it’s debut January 15th and the response we’ve recieved has been mind-blowing to us. Seriously. You can read the whole thing on our Current Issues page ;]
  • CALL TO ART Submission Period kicks off February 1–29th and we encourage EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHERS to submit! There is a TON of information on our Submissions page but don’t be shy to ask us if you have any questions.
  • Yesterday we hosted our first event. We had our Nude Model Drawing Session at my photography studio in Corvallis. It was awesome and we can’t wait to keep it up. I’ll post a few at the bottom for you guys to check out.

Anyway, that’s about it for now! We are in the process of some great things and we can’t wait to begin Issue 2. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us and contributing your fine work and sharing it with your community.

❤ Sarah