Sneak Peek into Issue 2!

So here I am at 1AM tonight, going through hundreds of pictures and words; pretty much the entire Adobe Suite open and at my disposal…and I am just so excited! Issue 2 is just about 3 weeks away and almost complete! I thought I would share a tiny little snippet to get you guys excited too.

Sugar Spread Cover_Midnight Muse Issue 2

Design by: Items by Tina Marie   Model: Alex Cooksey   Photographer: Sarah Page Photography

This is the intro page to the 5 page Sugar Art and Fashion Show spread. Neebin wrote an awesome article and we got an interview from creator of the event, Timmery Turner. I thought the timing was appropriate since tonight the Sugar Tour makes its appearance in Austin, Texas! Looking forward to checking out the work from the southern designers, artists, and photogs and good luck tonight to the Sugar Crew ;]

As we prepare for the release of Issue 2, I can’t help but look at all the new stuff we’ve added, the friends we’ve made, and to notice that the path before us gets wider every day. I know I might be jumping the gun here, but I seriously can’t wait for Issue 3 so GET READY!

❤ Sarah

Winning Submissions for Issue 2!

Hey there! After hours of deliberation, we finally decided on the winning entries for Issue 2. It was a lot more difficult choosing this time since we had so many more submissions this time around and I suspect it will get even harder as we continue. BUT THE TALENT we’ve had the pleasure of viewing continues to blow us away. Seriously.

You can check out who made it in our Facebook Album here.

Every Issue we will strive to find more ways to include more people in creative ways, for example, the Challenges we hosted in February, the Drawing Sessions, including tutorials, etc.

Some things we are currently working on:

  • Have Art Receptions for the winning entries
  • Local Art Shows
  • Building connections with local businesses to benefit YOU
  • Meet and Greets/Artistic Brainstorming and networking
  • Workshops
  • And so much more

If you want to get involved with MM, passion and dedication is something we know all about and it is always welcome with us. We have welcomed several new contributors and alliances and would love to bring more on board! A big thanks to:

Already Issue 2 is looking amazing, thanks to all of you. Soon enough, we will have the proper means to thank you all and showcase what you guys do best. So keep on keeping on and just CREATE! We are here for you.

❤ Sarah