Call to Art! Issue 4 Submissions OPEN

Yall read right, it’s August which means time to get ready for the next installment of the ever growing local art and literary zine, Midnight Muse!

LIVID by Patricia Smith

LIVID by Patricia Smith, Issue 3

Because of the outstanding support we’ve received from all you crazy cats, we have the privilege to bringing you Issue 4, which is set to launch October 15th. You can learn how to submit by following this —->purple hyperlink <—- Click it, read the guidelines, create some fabulous artwork like you do best, and send them our way.

If you weren’t selected for the last issue, don’t be discouraged…please submit again! We received hundreds of submissions last period and only have enough room for so much…so take comfort in the fact that we love showcasing diversity and don’t want to showcase the same stuff we’ve shown before.

We are also re-opening the Challenges section this issue and will announce what your challenges will be August 8th and August 23rd. This is a separate submission process so you’ll have 2 chances to submit!

Remember —->purple hyperlink <—- Click, read, create  and send.

Don’t forget to share this opportunity with other artsy farts like yourself, Facebook and Twitter make this super easy, just a click or two from your mouse and BAM we’re pretty much viral.

We are looking forward to viewing everyone’s work!

❤ Sarah

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