Issue 4: November 15th!

Hey hey hey everybody! Are you excited? Are you ready for Issue 4?! It IS 10/15, so where they heck is it?!

Issue 4 has been rescheduled to launch 11/15 instead. For a few reasons:

  • Several artists and contributors were unable to make the deadline…their work is amazing, and I want to give them every chance to get it in. What we already have ready to go is phenomenal–  but we want to give you variety and pack every issue until it’s just brimming with color and inspiration.
  • As far as the organization and development of the zine, this is a one (wo)man show! Finding so many last minute replacements was too mind boggling (trust me, I tried) but sometimes you just gotta know when to step back and re-access the situation. Hey, I’m not going anywhere. Promise! But in order to ensure rocks like nothing else and promotes as many incredible artist as possible,( as well as maintain a level  of sanity!! ) this is the obvious choice.
  • I am working on increasing the staff from 1 to uhhh….+1! I’ve got my eyes on a couple talented individuals I think can really add to the awesomeness that is Midnight Muse. And hey, if YOU’RE interested you gotta let me know. The more the…Muse-ier!

Now now, it’s okay! *hugs* Just sit tight, and Issue 4 will be here before you know it. ❤ You guys all rock, thank you for your excitement and support, and for your understanding.

❤ Sarah Page

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