Issue 4!

Yes! It is upon us now!

Thank you to everyone who submitted and contributed, this one turned out to be jam packed with some pretty awesome stuff. I tried a lot of new things this round and hope you like it!

Check it out for free HERE. Post it. Like it. Share it with your friends. And next week, you will have the option of purchasing a hard copy if you so wish (check back for more details in a week if you’re interesting)

Unfortunately, there were a few amazing artist submissions we recieved but we were unable to include them due to image size issues. Check out all of the submissions here!

Now, normally we wait a few weeks before opening up the submission period. But since this issue came out 1 month later than originally anticipated, I’ve decided to open up the submissions NOW until December 14th to get us back on track for a January release. So…after you dive into Issue 4 and absorb the tasty treats within MAKE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL. And then show it to me. Because I really want to see it. Really!

Much love ❤


2 thoughts on “Issue 4!

  1. I just went and looked, and what a fantastic issue. I enjoyed the variety of art and the excellent articles. Thank you so much for bringing out the art of the Willamette Valley this way.

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