Who Are We?

So, who are we, exactly? We are a small group of passionately ambitious artists located in the beautiful Willamette Valley! We are awesome, and love other awesome people. Like you!

Sarah Page— Co-Creator, Mag Designer and Contributor
Feel free to view Sarah’s photography here

I am an artist in every sense of the word. I started my journey as a painter when I was 6 and wound up attending The Art Institute for Graphic Design at 17. I attended 3 years with honors, awards, various sorts of recognition but was unable to graduate due to financial troubles. But that has never stopped me from my pursuit ;]

While living in Houston, I actively sought out new ways to contribute and share my love of art with the world. I taught Fine Art at several inner-city schools, volunteered countless hours manning booths at childrens art festivals, and participated in the first 3 years of the annual event Via Colori. My last year at Via Colori, I was a featured artist for the event, which benefited the Center for Hearing and Speech. In between I’ve carried my fair share of odd ball jobs from painting murals on walls to faces on kids. I applied to be a personal body guard once but don’t think my skill set was compatible.

I moved to Albany, Oregon with my husband over two years ago and immediately attempt to immerse myself into the art scene. Of which, I found was barely alive at all. I applied at the Mayors Office to come on board the Albany Arts Committee so I could help in the revitalization of the community but I was not brought on board. Even so, I vowed to do something about it. I have a few goals at the moment: 1) Create a supportive network of artists of all skill and age levels and a way for them all to interact and inspire one another. 2) Open up a gallery in downtown Albany. I would like one area to be display for local artists to showcase their work, and another area for hands on workshops and guest artists/speakers. 3) Begin an annual Art Festival where kids can dip their hands in paint and artists can show off their incredible talent. Rides, good food and music will make it all around a kick ass event. I now own my own commercial photography business and a studio of my own. I’m currently building pieces for a body painting show.

Midnight Muse is my first attempt to set the wheels of these goals into motion. I wish to encourage and inspire local artists and provide a creative outlet that is supportive, not competitive. I’m really going to be pushing the collaborative aspect and trying to get artists of various mediums to work together.

Neebinnaukzhik Southall— Co-Creator
View Neebin’s website featuring all her work

Art is my one true love. I love many acts of creation, whether that involves sculpture, graphic design, clothing, drawing, bodypainting, or photography. I believe in working across disciplines and mediums. I have been artistic ever since I can remember. In second grade, I wrote the following in a journal: “When I grow up I want to be an artist. I want to be an artist because I enjoy drawing. I can get ready to be an artist by practicing whenever I can.” Since then, I have graduated with distinction from Oregon State University’s selective graphic design program, in addition to obtaining a minor in Fine Arts as well as graduating as a member of OSU’s Honors College.  My senior graphic design project has been featured in OSU’s Terra Magazine as well as the Corvallis Gazette-Times, and I have participated in a number of local art shows. Art is my soul, my passion, my heartbreak and my joy, and I will create until the day I die. I am proudly Native American, an Ojibway, and bring my heritage into my work whenever I can.

Midnight Muse was born out of discussions between Sarah Page and myself, out of a desire to meet and work with other ambitious creatives. (As for the name, it stems out of the fact that both Sarah and I keep hours typically reserved for vampires. 🙂 We hope to highlight the work of a diverse group of people, forming creative bonds and friendships to strengthen the development of all involved.

2 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. Hi,

    I have seen you on Facebook pages, but have not reached out to find out more about midnightmuse, mainly thought your members were from Portland. I am a graphic designer/artist and live in Albany. I have been a designer for about 15 years, I kind of left my real love for commerical art, after advise around me as kid. I now know what my true calling is fine art, that I have been pushing myself to paint for the last 6 years, now the hard part finding the outlet. Last year I did several events mainly in Portland, but would love to find more local artist and events. Please let me know more about you.
    Thanks Wanda Buck

    • Hi Wanda! That’s wonderful to hear. I am actually in Albany, myself. While we technically serve the entire Valley, we have kind of made Corvallis our “base” and are working on spreading more to Albany and beyond. We are always trying to provide opportunities and outlets for our artists that are free and represent their artwork in the best way possible. We just had a 2 month long show at Imagine in Corvallis and are working on more. If you are interested, submission period for Issue 7 is open until the 31st of May, so you have until tomorrow to submit for publication.

      Thanks for your interest =] I hope to see some of your work! Please feel free to join us on Facebook and use our walls to post as much as your work as you like, it’s open for all artists to share and collab.


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