Issue 5!

YUM! Enjoy! Links below, show some love to all of our amazing artists this issue ^^

To view and download a copy FREE, just head on over to our MagCloud page. You can also purchase a print copy there if you so choose. Normally, we have a copy on that is embed-able  however I have been having ALOT of issues with them lately. Instead, I have decided to put everything into one place: MagCloud. They have optimized their online reader by leaps and bounds over the last year and I think it will lessen the confusion. So from now on, you can find everything on our MagCloud.

Since we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary today, we thought we’d do something a little special with this issue. Instead of 1 featured artist, we made everyone a featured artist. So everyone has their own 2 page spread with several images and more info about them. Yay!

Issue 6 is going to be HUGE so get ready for the submission period in two weeks. We are throwing a massive party filled with dancing, singing, comedy, and of course walls and walls plastered in artwork.