Featured Artist!

Issue 6 Featured Artist: Nikki Britain
The introduction to her Artist Statement:

The main characteristic of my works is a kind of duality that finds many ways to express itself: abstract versus realism, micro and macroscopic, negative and positive, and so on. I’m always trying to engage in extreme or contrary dialogue. In abstract compositions, some realistic figures will make you try to find some kind of space, but you will keep wondering if you really see it that way, because things will shift with your focus. Somehow, you will feel like you are hanging between two worlds.

Gremlins | Nikki Britain
The full feature is in Issue 6 so CHECK IT OUT

Issue 5 Featured Artist: Everyone!
Issue 5 celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Instead of featuring one artist, we gave every artist a feature!

Issue 4 Featured Artist: Carrie Brandon
The full feature is in Issue 4 so CHECK IT OUT

Issue 3 Featured Artist: Chris Wilhelm
The full feature is in Issue 3 so CHECK IT OUT

Issue 2 Featured Artist: Andrew Newell
The full feature is in Issue 2 so CHECK IT OUT!

Issue 1 Featured Artist: Noone!
Issue 1 did not feature any one artist. Instead, we wanted to formally introduce ourselves. Neebin and Sarah both received a 4 page spread to kick off the zine, show you their own stuff, and welcome you.

Who’s next?
Every issue, we will feature one artist who we feel goes above and beyond in more than just creative talent. We’re looking for drive, dedication, and those who aim to make a difference.

After an interview and photo-session from a Midnight Muse creator, our features get a 4 (or more!)  page spread in the Magazine, a short bio with 2 of their best work right here, a blog write up, and blasts from all our social and networking devices.

If you feel you’re ready for a feature, check out “Submissions” to see how to apply.

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