Submissions currently: CLOSED! We have accepted submissions for Issue 7, which will be released July 15. We will be accepting submissions for Issue 8 the entire month of August.

We are always happy and eager to view your work! We are currently accepting work from artists of every craft: painters, writers, singers, dancers, graphic designers, sculptors, hair stylists, photographers, thespians and everyone in between!

Do you qualify? Read and follow the directions exactly, as bonus points are given to those who do as we request.

Artists of any age and experience, please apply! The only stipulation is that you must be a resident of the Willamette Valley/Pacific Northwest.

Visual Artists: This includes any visual artistry such as painting, drawing, photography, graphic design and the like.

To submit, include up to 3 low res images of your BEST work in an email to (Remember to send us your nicest photos that showcase your work in the best way!) If your work is selected for inclusion in the magazine, we will contact you for high-res images. Tell us a bit about yourself and your work, and please change the filenames to the lastname_title. For example, change painting187238.jpg to Lastname_Sunrise.jpg. This helps us keep everything sorted.

The Written Word: This includes poetry, short stories, journalistic columns, rants and rambles, diary entries, etc. If you have a larger body of work, ask us about becoming a regular contributor.

To submit, include up to 3 excerpts of your BEST work in an email to Tell us a bit about yourself and your work. Please make sure your submissions are well organized and easily identifiable. Title them and use dividers in between if possible.

Performing Arts: This includes actors, musicians, dancers, etc.

To submit, please include 3 samples of your work, either mp3, video, or links to online sources AS WELL AS a static picture of you performing (if possible) and a short bio and explain the work you are sharing with us. You MUST have an online link in order to be viewed in our magazine, whether it’s a website or a Facebook, etc, you must have some way for our readers to find you.

Featured Artist: Every Issue, we will select an artist whom we find admirable and inspirational. This artist will get (at least) a 4 page spread in the center of the zine with various pieces from their work as well as an interview and complete write up. Their work will also be featured on our site, blog, and social networks. Submit as you normally would, stated above, and make the title of your email “Featured Artist”.

Think you got it? Send us an email at and be sure to Like us on Facebook to keep up to date on the latest developments.

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