Issue 6 is here!

Issue 6 is here at last! View it online a download it for free, or choose to purchase a hard copy…they look beautiful in print! Just click the image below! Along with the release of Issue 6, we also had … Continue reading

LAUNCH Party at Imagine Coffee!

Well folks, it is OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Issue 6 of MM will be accompanied by an amazing show hosted by the most artful-icious coffee shop in the valley, Imagine Coffee! When: Saturday, April 13th Where: Imagine Coffee, 5460 SW Philomath Boulevard in … Continue reading

Call to Art! Issue 6 Submission Period OPEN

The time is upon us once more everyone, the submission period for Issue 6 is officially OPEN! Same procedure as before save a few minor changes, but no worries everything is bundled up nice and beautiful like for you over on our ‘Submission’ guideline page here. Check it out to submit now!

I’m REAAALLLLYYY excited for Issue 6 because I have been planning a huge event for awhile now, and hopefully this is the Issue that my dream will come to fruition.  There are some deets in the making and knots to close, but if we go through with this we will be having a huge launch party. It will be similar to the awesome launch we had for Issue 3, hosted by The Drawing Board in Corvallis, with an artist reception and walking body art and a reveal of the latest issue at midnight…but on top of all that goodness there will be performance artists on stage throughout the evening and an extended show for the visual artists. If we get any submissions from fashion or jewelry designers, I would love to create a time slot for a mini fashion show. It will be a HUGE party. That’s why this time, I really encourage all you performance artists out there to submit…we’ve had a few in the past but I would love some more!

Dancers, musicians, thespians, comedians, what have you, JOIN US for Issue 6! And if you know someone, SHARE THIS LINK with them.

But remember, nothing is currently finite. Other than this: regardless, Issue 6 will be bomb. And YOU guys will make it so. (zing!)

Create. Submit.  Share.  Inspire. Y’all keep it up and so will I!

Thanks to everyone who made Issue 5 such a success, let’s keep this momentum up! And if anyone would like to be a part of the team just send me an email ^^

❤ Sarah

Sneak Peek into Issue 2!

So here I am at 1AM tonight, going through hundreds of pictures and words; pretty much the entire Adobe Suite open and at my disposal…and I am just so excited! Issue 2 is just about 3 weeks away and almost complete! I thought I would share a tiny little snippet to get you guys excited too.

Sugar Spread Cover_Midnight Muse Issue 2

Design by: Items by Tina Marie   Model: Alex Cooksey   Photographer: Sarah Page Photography

This is the intro page to the 5 page Sugar Art and Fashion Show spread. Neebin wrote an awesome article and we got an interview from creator of the event, Timmery Turner. I thought the timing was appropriate since tonight the Sugar Tour makes its appearance in Austin, Texas! Looking forward to checking out the work from the southern designers, artists, and photogs and good luck tonight to the Sugar Crew ;]

As we prepare for the release of Issue 2, I can’t help but look at all the new stuff we’ve added, the friends we’ve made, and to notice that the path before us gets wider every day. I know I might be jumping the gun here, but I seriously can’t wait for Issue 3 so GET READY!

❤ Sarah

Sugar Does Portland (Second Photo Collection!)

Hey there everyone, Neebin here! I’ve been in the process of catching up on a few things, and with no further ado, here is the second set of photos from the Sugar Does Portland Fashion & Art Show! What a fantastic event filled with so many talented, lovely people! I just loved how people were so receptive to being photographed… there were a few times where I was just going to take a casual shot of people mingling, but if a model saw you with a camera, insta-pose!

Please tag or credit Neebin Studios if you are posting them elsewhere! To purchase the photos of the show logo-free, email contact (at) for more information!